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The Ogden Mona Lisa

January 11, 2018  •  1 Comment

Midday light. Ogden, Utah.Midday light. Ogden, Utah.The Ogden Mona Lisa

The Ogden Mona Lisa. Ogden, Utah like many cities, has embraced wall art to add to the beauty of it's buildings. Still, how was Ogden able to persuade the great artist Leonardo Da Vinci to come and paint another Mona Lisa on an empty wall on one of our main streets. We didn't. This painting showcases the talent of one of our own great artists. I love to explore this wonderful city of Ogden to discover and document its' historic homes, unique buildings, urban landscapes, objects of interest, and people. Using my wonderful little compact Sony RX100ii camera I tried to capture the picture's classical beauty, yet show it off its one of a kind urban canvas and frame.



Sarah S(non-registered)
That's awesome! Great composition!
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