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Photos on Mom's Birthday

November 29, 2017  •  Leave a Comment

Yesterday was my mother's eighty-fourth birthday. Her assisted living home is in Cache Valley, Utah. The home planned a small birthday luncheon for her and so I left early to take pictures before lunch. Of course, as I always do, I took a camera with me. My Sony A6000 mirrorless camera and favorite lens, the Sony 18-105mm zoom. 

The most direct route, as I've mentioned before, is by way of Highway 89 through Sardine Canyon into Cache Valley. I've driven this route over a thousand times in the past 20 years and yet there seems to always be something new to photograph. Right now northern Utah is really between fall and winter. Leaves all gone, no snow yet. Still I did see a grove of beautiful barren trees as I drove down the canyon so I pulled off to look for some photo opportunities. 

After taking pictures from several locations on a side road I finally found I scene I liked. Conifers up on the mountainside, a grove of barren trees below them and in the foreground a field of common teasel, a tall spiny weed, which has a beautiful gold color when mature but nasty sharp spines. The photo below is the one I took and finally settled on processing.

 Coming out of the canyon to Wellsville, Utah I noticed parked across the road from the Sinclair gas station two older tow-trucks with sale prices written on their windows. I love to photograph older cars and trucks and so this was irresistible. I first hand-held my camera but decided I wanted maximum sharpness so I put my camera on the tripod. A couple of dozen images later I settled on putting images of the oldest one of them on my website. I used more clarity and vibrance then I typically do but I wanted to bring out the work worn character of this powerful and classic truck.


MIdday light. Wellsville, Utah.MIdday light. Wellsville, Utah. Now, almost time for lunch I drove through Providence, Utah looking for some final photos to take. A bright red barn caught my attention and I thought it would look great if I contrasted the deep red against the gorgeous blue sky. Here it is, another of my personal works of modern art.

Midday light. Providence, Utah.Midday light. Providence, Utah. Well mom loved the present I gave her, a book of my own landscape photographs.  Really that was my gift and she did love it. Happy Birthday Mom.

So keep taking pictures, even if you've driven the same route a thousand times. There is always a new photo opportunity down the road and in any light you find. 


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