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Photographing a Sunrise From Two Directions

November 21, 2017  •  Leave a Comment

Morning light. Box Elder County, UtahMorning light. Box Elder County, Utah

I was out early a few days ago to photograph a sunrise in northern Utah. Too typical for many landscape photography adventures, there were no clouds. Yet, pre-sunrise the light coming over our eastern mountains was beautifully illuminating the western mountains. Planning ahead and hoping for this I had prepared for it by setting up my tripod with view to the west and of a providentially placed small barn.

I took a lot of shots shoots before sunrise with my Sony A6000 and  70-200mm f5.6 e-mount zoom lens. Suddenly, the sky above the western mountains became a glorious shade of soft pink streaks with a subtle streak of even paler blue mixed in. I managed to get off couple of quick shoots before it all faded away. This photograph is the best of the ones I took. I hope looking closely you too can see the subtle streaks of  soft colors.

Finally, thinking in terms of any light photography, see how even before sunrise there are pictures to be made. Go out and try it for yourself. Get up to shoot a sunrise and don't forget to look behind you.



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