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My Modern Art "Painting"

November 10, 2017  •  1 Comment

Morning light. Weber County, Utah.Morning light. Weber County, Utah.

I really like modern art. But I can't draw or paint. Yesterday though, I came across an old farm building with broken windows. When I looked at the windows in the building, rusted and faded, I could envision some kind of a modern art painting with various textures and geometric shapes.

I took a number of images trying to find just the right "painting." Backing up, using the 18-105mm zoom on my Sony A6000, I shot many different pictures of the whole window. Didn't work for me. So I took lots of photos of the windows close-up. Finally when I shot this photograph I knew it was the "modern art painting" I wanted. 

When you get an idea for a photo, remember to explore your subject from different angles, distances, and exposures. Take lots of pictures. There is a photograph in your subject that will be your "art" when you keep trying.



Sarah S(non-registered)
Nice! I love the contrast of the modern art "painting" from a rundown old home. I think this could be a neat series to continue playing with art!
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