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Photos of a Classic Nash Automobile

October 07, 2017  •  Leave a Comment

Around the corner from my home in Plain City, Utah is a collector and restorer of classic automobiles. Many are in his garage/shop and some sit parked outside of the building exposed to the weather year-round. Among the cars parked outside is a 1951 Nash "Country Club" 2-door hardtop (at least that's my thinking). The car has a beautiful, in its own way, rust patina. I've only met the owner of the collection a couple of times so far and not had a chance to ask him about his ultimate plans for the Nash. Meanwhile it is a pleasure to look at and wonder about its history and enjoy the classic design.

This short photo essay shows the Nash County Club is it sits on the lot in Plain City and a couple of details from the front end of the car.

Midday light. Plain City, Utah.Midday light. Plain City, Utah.


Midday light. Plain City, Utah.Midday light. Plain City, Utah.

The hard midday light the two above photos were taken in works because the car's surface is mostly rusted and non-reflective. The light on the chrome though does create a gleam and bling that is very attractive.

This last photograph of the car headlamp was taken in the evening when the light is much softer which shows the beautiful texture of the glass lamp. and even brings out the details in the cars rusted metal surface.

Evening light. Plain City, Utah.Evening light. Plain City, Utah.

Photos taken with my Sony RX100 mII camera. My go-to, carry everywhere camera.


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