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A Trip to Visit Family

October 23, 2017  •  2 Comments

There are some days when as much as you would like to make photographs family commitments take over. This happened to me last week when we decided to drive up to Logan, Utah and visit my mother and see my oldest daughter's family.

The one hour trip would take us through the Wellsville Mountains by way of Sardine Canyon on Highway 89. For the trip I grabbed my Sony RX100ii camera so I could photograph any opportunity that came up.

Driving through the canyon we could see that the fall colors had already faded from the trees but there were some beautiful clouds above the mountains.

My wife is very tolerant of my photography, so when I saw a hillside with blue sky and clouds above it we pulled over and I took a couple quick grab  shots. Here is one I liked quite a bit.

Midday light. Cache County, Utah.Midday light. Cache County, Utah. Then driving further through the canyon, I just had to pull off the highway once again. Storm clouds were coming over the peaks of the Wellsvilles and made for a dramatic image.

Midday light. Cache County, Utah.Midday light. Cache County, Utah.

After these couple of quick stops we arrived in the valley and stopped to see my mother who lives in Providence, Utah. Driving through Providence we came upon a fully restored Sinclair Service Station. Had to grab a few shots and black and white seemed to go best with the bygone years effect.

Then we drove over to the North Logan Pumpkin Walk. An halloween festival held in the valley each year. I dropped my wife off with other family at the festival but I had to take my daughter to a walk-in clinic for a quick exam. Afterwards, walking out of the clinic I spotted colorful leaves fallen onto the rocky bed of the flower planter.  The RX100ii has great close-up capability if you set the zoom to the widest angle. So, after taking several shots this is one I really liked. 

Afternoon light. Logan, Utah.Afternoon light. Logan, Utah.

 Finally after a great afternoon in Cache Valley, Utah we headed home. Going home I could see a nice sunset developing and just hoped I could find a nice vantage point to pull over and take a few last pictures. finally we found a nice spot in the canyon at a small town called Mantua, Utah. Pulled over on a hillside drive and we agreed to give it 10 minutes before going home. The sunset to the northwest was a bust. However the light falling on the Mantua Reservoir and the hills beyond to the east was a deep gold with a purple sky and I got some nice shots to end the day. Here's my favorite.

So, next time you can't get out to take photographs, take photographs when you go out. And remember you can always take great photographs anytime in any light.



I forgot to say - great pictures too!! I'm very drawn to the picture of the fall leaves on the ground. It makes me want to put on a fuzzy sweater and grab a cup of hot cocoa! The Mantua sunset one is gorgeous too! They're all great!
I love how you gave some great real life examples of photography on the go! Rather than say, "here are some pictures I took while on a busy family day," you gave some specific examples of seeking for photo opportunities while going about your day. I love that! It really brought home the point and made it seem feasible! Great post!
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