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The Morning Drive

October 12, 2017  •  Leave a Comment

Right after my daughter catches the bus for school in the morning, I take off for my daily photography adventure. On days with clouds, intermittent rain showers, or that are overcast I may take photographs for most of the day. On cloudless days I may only be out an hour or two. Still I try to shoot everyday, as much for therapy as for artistic reasons. This particular day was a cloudless day and so I was out only for a couple of hours.

My usual approach to photographing on a cloudless day is to keep the sun to my back, the dreaded front lighting, or off to the side. What I really try to avoid is a white or blown out sky by shooting into the sun. Shooting away from the sun I get pretty blue skies. Or if I keep the sun to my side (side lighting) I can focus on objects with textures like this photograph of the side of an old farm shed.

Morning light. Weber County, Utah.Morning light. Weber County, Utah.

Another approach I take on cloudless days is to shot scenes that are shaded, or partly shaded. This photo of reflections on the surface of an irrigation canal was taken in the dappled light of sun streaming through the branches of trees lining the banks of the canal.

Of course, there's nothing like breaking your own rules and shooting almost directly into the sun, as I did in this landscape photograph.

I made all these photos within about 2 miles of my home in about 2 hours. I used my Sony A6000 and just my basic "nifty" Sony 50mm f1.8 e-mount lens. These images to some may not be fine Art (with a capital A), but I'm happy with them. Of course not every cloudless day goes so well but you will never know if you're not trying.

Finally, if you're thinking you don't have rural countryside near you, I promise that if you'll look around you will find places, objects, and people to photograph. In fact here is a portrait I made the same morning stopping at my local convenience store where I get my daily diet Coke before starting a drive each morning.

Indoor light. Plain City, Utah.Indoor light. Plain City, Utah.  Bottom line, make photos any time you can and in whatever light you have.




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