Welcome to Any Light Photo

I'm Mark Lacy, creator of this website. I document through my photography the scenic landscapes, interesting things, and people of northern Utah. Mostly in Weber County, Box Elder County, and Cache Counties.


My Philosophy

I believe that great photographs can be made not only during the "golden hours" of sunrise and sunset but at any time of the day and in any light. This is what www.anylightphoto.com is all about, showcasing my own images made in any light I find. I hope you'll find in my photos an inspiration to also go out make photographs at any time of the day you can. If you like my site or photographs please leave a comment in my guestbook.


My Story

Being retired from the workforce I thought I would have plenty of time for my photography now. But, 3 years ago my wife and I adopted a pre-teen daughter. I am now a stay at home dad.


At first I felt very limited in being able to do the landscape photography I most enjoy. Getting a young daughter up, dressed, and off to school eliminates most sunrise shoots. Taking care of my daughter after school, getting dinner ready,  time with my wife after her work day, bed time, all limits the sunsets I can shoot.


Then I began to look at the light mid-morning, midday, and mid-afternoon, the time my daughter was in school. Who decided this wasn't great light, its' just different light. The days are still usually beautiful. Blue skies, white clouds, bold colors, light flair, etc. Maybe the day is overcast, raining, or snowing. So, I have been embracing the challenge of making great photos all day long. And, I am loving it, and love the images I am making. I hope you will too.


So, don't limit your photography, as some would suggest, to only the "golden hours." Instead, carry your camera always and look for great photo opportunities all day - whatever the time of day, and in any light you find.